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Hat Care

The hat you choose from John Helmer Haberdasher, says a lot about you. It will serve you well if you keep in mind a few common sense hat care tips.

  1. Hold your hat by the brim, avoid handling the crown as much as possible. This will keep your hat clean and help maintain the shape of the crown. With straw hats this prevents cracking at the pinch and for felt hats prevents a weak spot from developing.
  2. To remove surface dirt from a straw hat, wipe with a clean damp cloth. For a fur felt, use a soft bristle brush and brush with the nap in a counter-clockwise direction.   Avoid all liquid cleaners.
  3. Store your hat upside down on a clean surface or in a box or hang on a hook. If your hat gets wet, let it dry naturally; do not force dry it.
  4. If you use your felt hat as a rain hat, over time it will lose some of its shape. We refer to this as adding character to your fedora. Many times your hat can be steamed back into shape by hand, or in more severe cases may need to be cleaned and blocked. We are able to steam, shape & clean by hand.

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